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Inventory Management Software In Lucknow

Inventory Management Software In Lucknow

February 14, 2020
inventory management software in lucknow

We all know that marketplaces are rapidly changing. Infunity Technologies is providing Inventory Management Software in Lucknow that is a basic requirement while starting any business that requires product stocks, components and vendors.  In addition, eCommerce is a very competitive market where competition is increasing from traders across the globe, both large and small. Nowadays customers are more demanding and looking for good and very fast service.

The complexity of the eCommerce business is increasing as supply chain networks are increasing with globalization. Most of the businesses are relying on a network of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and retailers in order to distribute and sell their products.

Inventory Management Strategies

1. Having multiple warehouse stock

Infunity Technologies is providing inventory management software in lucknow and various cities and counties smart companies. This software supports multiple location stock management. This inventory management software will automatically suggest to re-distribute extra inventory from the warehouse if the product demand is low as compared to another warehouse where demand is much higher.

2. Keep buffer stock

This inventory management software helps to provide alerts for the product if stock is too low and keeping 5% products as a buffer so that customers will be able to purchase their product when product is required.  Software does a safety stock calculation that considers lead time variations so you have enough stock to cover any late deliveries.

3. Increase product visibility 

This software shows few products on top if the quantities are those products are lesser and remove manual processes to increase the efficiency of your inventory management practices and track data in real time product inventory at every stage and informed team to taking decision about what product stock you need to order.


Infunity Technologies is a lucknow based software development company that has developed and serving inventory management software in lucknow and across the globe. Our robust software helps various companies to overcome their complex inventory management challenges by using our inventory management software.